Refund policy

By signing below, I authorize the service to be performed at the quoted price and understand that the service call and deposit (if applicable) are non-refundable. Max Appliance Repair technicians will make every effort to maintain cleanliness in the workspace. I also acknowledge that certain jobs may require moving appliances, and by signing below, I accept that Max Appliance Repair and its technicians are not liable for any damage to floors, walls, etc.

Max Appliance Repair guarantees only the parts that were replaced or repaired and only for the specified number of days stated below. Other parts of the appliance are not covered by the warranty. If a repair is completed without replacing a part, the paid amount cannot be refunded. Electronics parts ordered or installed by Max Appliance Repair cannot be returned or refunded. By canceling the order or installation, the customer acknowledges the obligation to pay the full amount for the ordered parts or installation.

Consequential damages and incidental expenses, such as water damage and food spoilage, are not covered. The warranty is non-transferable, and payment terms are due upon receipt of the invoice.